There were times when india Governments had not adopted outsourcing,the application submission window was very limited,2-3 hours.outsourcing has eased the whole visa submission process.they now have a larger window of time available,greater accessibility and india grows in its economic engagements with the world.,Indians would benefit economically and would want to travel more frequently.((/public/.indian-visa_m.jpg| the governments would want more and more Indians to visit,since its a mutually beneficial arrangement for Plays a Vital role.As technology improves.there are ways and means available that are different from the traditional means of going about and applying some cases even physical presence not required,for countries like Australia,where you need E-VISA ,photocop||indian-visa.jpg, Feb 2014))ies of passport are good technology develops,it will be more convenient for governments to manage their orders without inconveniencing the applicants.

with the outsourcing Visa Applicants can now file their visa requests in 16 Visa Application Centres in india.this new service is being run by VFS global,the contact partner of the german embassy.Applicants will be charged Rs.1275 for this service.The longer operating hours will allow applicants to visit at a time of their convenience.Applicants will also save lot of time as it offers online appointment and payment facilities as well as online tracking of application status.