from the across the sere,dun coloured landscape,brilliant splashes of scarlet saris and golden turbans glimmer in the sun.wild peacock displays their resplendent the sun sets behind the dome of memorials to long-dead nobles, a string of ornamented camels stand silhouetted against the orange glow. and in the cool silence of a star-spangled desert night,within the weathered walls of a medieval fort, a bard sings plaintively of the heroes and heroines whose deeds brought glory to the historic land.

This is Rajasthan,literally,the Land of Princess,india's enchanting northwest desert state,known throughout the world for its noble traditions of valor and Exquisite palaces and glorious temples attest to the artistry of the people,while more than 80 forts stand witness to hundreds of harsh dramas of attack and defense.The tradations of rajasthan were forged in the fire of the sun and the heat of battle.

Nature of geography have shaped rajasthan's unique the east,the state is dry but still green is season,with hard working farmers harvesting crops of grain,vegetables,and fruit from their carefully tended fields.biscting the state north to south is the aravalli range.hills that affectively block moisture from reaching the western region,which tends to be very dry,and in the far west becomes the sandy thar desert.winters and the monsoon season are moderate,but the summers can be infernos of searing these arid zones,meager crops and herds of sheeps,goats,cattle,and camels must be kept alive with water brought to the surface from deep wells or preserved in reservoirs.sources of water ,fodder and food are prime concerns for rajasthan rural people,the mainstay of the state economy. 5452064809_6720744d2b_b.jpg

Rajasthan is in the path of countless migrants,invaders and traders who have entered india from the north west.the region has been a cross roads of cultures throughout pre history and history.many have moved through this dry region with visions of lusher,well watered land beyond,but many have stayed to mingle with those who came before,bringing new influences in from afar.each fort and palace represents untold struggles,first of settlers,farmers,herders,and builders trying to eke out a living from the dry land,and then of rulers,attempting to achieve and marinating power,each in their turn challenged by rival chiefs and new invaders.

As people have continued to move into rajasthan,others have moved out,because the arid land cannot support too many.geographically the area is large,but even with a population only 45 million people,rajasthan is the least densely populated of india's major states.periodic droughts are constant threats.The Farmers is some arid regions expect to move about the during the driest part of the year,seeking work for themselves and fodder for their herds.

the Gypsies of europe and other parts of the world are rajasthan's most famous emigrants-they long left this harsh area.