Nothing Can fully prepare you for india,but perhaps the one thing that best encapsulates this extraordinary country is its ability to inspire frustrate ,thrill and confound all at once.

india is one of the planet's most multidimensional countries,presenting a wildly diverse spectrum of travel encounters.some of these can be challenging,particularly for the first time visitors:the poverty is confronting ,indian bureaucracy can be exasperating and the crush of humanity sometimes turns the simplest task into an enery zapping battle.even the most experienced traveller find their sanity frayed at some point,yet this is all part of what makes india a unique travel destination.if you have not visited this part of the globe before,set aside the first few days to simply acclimatise to the subcontinent bamboozling symphony of sights,sounds,tastes and smells.

when it comes to finances,india pleases all pockets.Accommodation ranges from lacklustre backpacker lodgings to dazzling top end hotels,with some delightful mid range possibilities that won't bust the bank.A delicious,multipriced array of eateries means you can fill your belly without spending a fortune,and its possible to zip around economically as well thanks to the county's comprehensive public transport network.

Get Excited and knowledgeable about your trip before hand reading up on india,especially on its culture framework.doing so will augment your appreciation of the subcontinent's sights and tradations and also better equip you to hold more informed conversations with locals.allow a few weeks of pretrip preparation to sort out immunisation and terms of planning what to do once you arrive,the country's remarkable diversity can actually make it veritable quagmire when nutting out itineraries.the key is to try not to squeeze in too much as travelling often involves considerable distances and stamina.also allow for some flexibility in case you stumble across an appealing side journey or merely find yourself frazzled and in need of a day or two purely to chill.

When to Go

Climate plays a key factor in deciding when to visit should keep in mind that climatic conditions in the far north are distinctly different to those of the extreme south. generally speaking,india's climate commonaly defined by the three season,the hot,the wet and the cool,each of which vary with duration from north to south.the most pleasent time to visit most of the country is during the cooler period of september to around march end.although there is reason variation.Aprat from the weather,the timing of certain festivals or special events may also influence when you want to visit india.