__No Matter how much you are looking forward to spending some quality time with that special someone,travelling together can be a bit stressful;regardless of weather you have been married for decades or are just testing the waters as a couple.so what you can do ensure a blissful getaway? Hotel Grand Godwin brings you some surefire ways to keep the fires burning without getting burnt. __ BOTH CONTRIBUTE THE PLANNINGits important that you both feel like you have a part in the trip's success.you can check out all accommodation from bed & breakfast to boutique hotels.Take the Virtual tour,read the guest reviews,check out the location relative to the sites you want to see and if possible get directly contact to the hotel.you will get the better deal and inclusions rather than to book it from the portals.more hotel are interested to deal with customers directly to interact with them in future also.they will send you by email best offers,deals and promotions time to time.

COMMUNICATEseems simple enough,right? are you tired? are you hungry?do you want to stay in this city for another day?how quicky we forget that we are not mind readers.be sure your sweetheart let you know what you are thinking before its too late to do something about it.when travelling,you are out of your normal rhythm and routine so its important that you are sharing your needs and desires even if you are used to honey knowing what those things are.

PLACE YOURSELVESRome was not built in a day and you cant see it all in one either.Trust me i know how fantastic it is to be on vacation sans work and children,but take time for the small moments and some relaxation.factor in downtime for your vacation as well as extra time while sightseeing.you never know when you will want to spend some additional time in museum,on the beach nor sampling the vineyard's newest harvest.and you will appreciate not having the pressure to be on time or the disappointment of missing out on an opportunity. holiday2.jpg

WORK WITH EACH OTHER"S STRENGTHduring planning,if one of you is a savvy researcher then perhaps that person can do the destination investigation while the other could be the responsible for booking the flights or hotels.working with each others strengths is even more important while travelling.who's the control freak ( i mean backseat driver) between the two of you?come on! Admit it?! may you should drive while your partner navigates.don't be afraid to play to each others strengths versus struggling versus struggling a situation.

TRY SOMETHING NEW TO BOTH OF YOU if you frequent the same destination then make sure you change it up by finding something new to do each time you go.experiencing something for the first time is a great way to bring a couple closer together.so whether the destination is new to you or perhaps its that zip line adventure that you both have always wanted to try,give it a whirl together.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO FAR TO GET AWAYa vacation is merely a break for the ordinary and sometimes staying in nearby resort can feel like you are the millions miles away/ a staycation.or vacation close to home,is often a great way for new couples to test the travelling together waters as well as to have some fun.its also a great way for couples with childrean to have some alone time without the worry that comes with travelling away from your children.

DO NOT DISTURBoursleep patterns can really wreak havoc with our vacations.is your sweetie a snorer?plan ahead and pack those earplugs.who's the morning person?be kind to your special someone and allow her that precious time to sleep in by perhaps following the tip above for your me time and take a walk around town or read a few chapters of that book you have been wanting to persue.

BUDGET AND SPLURGESlet face it,money is often an issue for most couples.it is important for a couple to understand their vacation budget,if they have one,before they embark on their trip.its not fair to either person to feel constrained or overly frugal while travelling.so know before you go!allow and anticipate for splurges such as dinner at that tres romantic restaurant you stumbled uponor a piece of locally created art.

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELFits important on vacation to have sometime for you,whether to relax or explore.thats when the tips above are most useful by working together,communicating and taking the time to really enjoy your trip.you should be able to get some coveted"meTime" for example,you could check the local village shops while he takes in a round of golf.

USE THE HOTEL CONCIERGEHere's what frequent travellers know;can make things happen.they often have discount tickets to area attractions,know the best restaurants and want to help make your hotel stay special.tell the concierge if your stay is to celebrate bithday,anniversary,etc.and see how he or she can help you to make it memorable.