Service Related to personalised care and Hospitality,is finding a friend in advance systems,gadget that accentuate service imparted.One technology that has found its way successful in all leading hotels is unified communication.The Combination of Presence and Availiability with voice,video,email and instant messaging makes it easier to communicate via the optimal path with employees,customers and suppliers and it streamlines business process.

India is know for rich cultural heritage and its warm hospitality.owing to this image,the hospitality sector in india has always been at the forefront of not just lime light but also creating innovative way of delighting its customers.The Indian Tourism and Hospitality industry has been a key growth lever for the services sector in the the past few days,the real growth has come from within the domestic sector and has witnessed around 30 million indian travel within the country in a year.strong growth in per capita income,rising young population coupled with changing life styles are leading yo great expenditure on leisure services.

Hotels are an intrinsic part of the tourism hospitality sector will fare depends highly on how the tourism industry has performed.The Total Market size of India Tourism and hospitality sector stood at USD 117.7 billion is expected to touch USD 418.9 Billion by 2022.with such promising Statics the hospitality industry has to constantly innovate to keep up with the pace of way to differentiate and grow is to introduce technology to give better experience to we know IT has Made in roads in all walks of life and especially in the service industry it has had a positivist impact to improve the quality of service.