In a bid to promote india as a golf destination;FICCI ,india Golf Tourism association and the ministry of tourism will hold an incredible India Golf tourism Summit in October this Year.

The India Golf Tourism Association was formed last year by members from the travel industry.the Product of an initiative taken by the ministry of tourism,the main aim of this association is to promote india as a golf tourism destination.these members are purely in golf tourism,be it golf course owners,golf friendly tourism board who carry out initiatives like golf tourism,seminars and support events to spread awareness that india is also golfing destination.

Since the last 6 Months IGTA has been planning the Incredible India Golf Tourism Summit with FICCI and the will take place in october this year and the curtain raiser will be held on 27 january 2014.

the association is expecting around 60 top golf tour operators and also like minded writers.the overseas visitors expected to be around 80-100.there will be 200 sellers from india,and state tourism boards who want to promote their states through golf will be a 3 day event,discussion the challenges faced by the tour operators in promoting India golf destination.we will also organize a tournament where overseas players can play with indian partners,so they can spend more time and see the facilities offered,while the tour operator can convince them on the golf course itself,he added.

in delhi and surrounding areas,there are seven international golf courses and more in bengaluru,ahmedabad and rambagh area in jaipur. The Crux of the Matter Lies in selling these spectacular destinations.