Eating out at Fine dining restaurant can be wonderful,memorable experience;but rarely have the food and decor been the stars of the show>following Culinary Trends are especially important for today's customer Need to have an innovative Food and Beverage team in place to ensure that attendees remain inspired by the food selections.Here are Few hot trends in the emerging indian economy. cheap_restaurant_delhi.jpg Within the increase in corporate travel people have gained sophisticated taste buds.they demand new and exciting fare on the road in addition,more and more travellers are looking for the healthy fare,with many specifying dietary requests and healthy restrictions.

as hospitality leaders,hotels are beginning to realise that they have responsibility to address the health and nutritions concern of their addition,hotels are now taking steps to ensure that they purchase items from local vendors whenever possible,and select items such as organic meat and sustainable fish.

Healthy Food even for special occasion is another thing which is on now days.This has been giving rise to the increasing popularity of buffets,which can offer something for everyone.Health Trends include organic food,Low Fat foods,Sugar free options,No Trans fats,No corn Syrup,No carmine and Fresh food. People like to eat food with good ingredients E.G Blueberry Muffins and Even dark Chocolates.This trend is being observed in beverages as well wherein people are shifting from alcoholic drinks to nutritive drinks like smoothies.

Small Portions Such as Tapas,dim sum and mini desserts all allow attendees to sample more than one item.smaller sizes mean that you can use expensive ingredients such as lobster or white truffles.offering Small Portions encourage attendees to try more is of some sort of pick and go.

The Being Different and Unique Approachone of the most influential food and beverage trends is driven by customers,who are more sophisticated in food matters than they used to be.They seek a "dining experience" for even the rarest of occasion.they are more demanding,exacting,educated and knowledgeable about keep Customers happy,Planners Must Follow :In: food. pampering in the restaurant is as important as pampering at the spa.its a treat looked forward to after a long day meetings.some properties are responding with optional menus,which offer a variety of food choices and highly personalized service styles.Guest Preferences are recorded and delivered each times the person dines in the restaurant.innovation being key,it is important to take the experience beyond just the food.

Presentation and ExperienceToday,Customers want to be blown away over the top presentation,and wish to be entertained by Chef attended stations.The Chefs are Now the stars of even corporate events.They take Centre Stage,and proud to be explaining the food's intricacies to guest.its an inspirational,educational and en lighting to the guests,as the chef prepare fresh entrees,and describe the passion and inspiration behind the food items.

What is Seen Sold !! These Days people truly do eat first with their eyes therefore restaurants are focusing on making a big impression right at the end of the meal.innovative presentation and inventively planned desserts add an element of surprise.Today attendees dont want just their buds tickled;they also want to be dazzled by the presentation.